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Why digital signage is the perfect fit for the warehouse in 2020


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Dec 13, 2023
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Organising a warehouse is difficult work at the best of times and these are most certainly not the best of times.

With mandatory face masks and social distancing set to be a part of everyday life for the foreseeable future thanks to the fallout of COVID-19, the lives of warehouse workers are about to get even more complicated.

The virus couldn’t have hit at a worse time for the industry, which is currently enjoying a hefty boom thanks to the increased demand for online commerce, particularly during lockdown.

With more warehouses being built and staffed across the country, however, there is going to need to be a serious re-think as far as logistics are concerned if workers are going to remain safe.

Inbound Logistics have found that the labour force constitutes around 65% of most warehouse operating budgets and with things so uncertain right now, communication within that labour force is more important than ever before.

These are not workers sitting at a desk, they are constantly moving and, as such, they require a communications system that works for them. Here’s a few key reasons why a digital signage solution should form an important part of that system.

Safety first​

Cultivating a culture of safety has never been more of a pressing concern. This is because, not only are warehouses going to be full of potential hazards, there is very rarely an opportunity to safely social distance.

Digital signage can be utilised to reinforce safety measures not only regarding COVID-19 (distancing, keeping surfaces and hands clean etc) but regarding more common warehouse accidents.

They can do this by incorporating a variety of videos, infographics and pictures detailing the best safety practice at all times.

They can also be used to promote health and wellness within the workplace by providing tips on everything from exercise to stress management and can be used as a reminder that support is always available if it’s required.

Performance improvement​

Overall labour performance can be improved on two fronts: By using data visualisation to provide real-time performance statistics and to motivate employees.

Motivation can be achieved by using the digital LED screens to essentially ‘market’ your in-house initiatives to your workers. You could also use it to create incentives and competitions.

The most obvious benefit from a performance perspective, however, is the potential for eliminating antiquated whiteboards and displaying performance data in clear, real-time charts and graphs.

Including signs with company-wide KPIs in areas like the cafes and break rooms will also keep employees aware of their performance data in down-time.

For supermarket warehouses, meanwhile, a digital signage solution can be used to maximise picking and sorting efficiency.

Right now, with online shopping at its zenith and getting more popular by the week, more and more supermarkets are relying on their pickers and sorters.

Digital signage can be used to bring supermarket warehouses to maximum capacity and could save these businesses immense amounts of time and money.

A clear message​

The great thing about modern digital LED screens is that they can be large enough and colourful enough to convey just about any message either through video or images.

If you have enough screens installed throughout the warehouse, it’s also a great way of getting the right message to the right worker in the right place at the right time. This might be even more vital in the coming post-lockdown months, as the importance of direct messaging becomes more profound.

Visual communication is also great at bridging the language barrier, either by accommodating multiple languages or by communicating things visually rather than through language. Intercoms and loudspeakers might have their uses, but it’s easy to misunderstand or misinterpret information.

And going forward in 2020 and beyond, effective, clear, and reliable information could be what sets your warehouse apart and could keep your workers and your managers safe and happy.

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