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Who are Spectra? Digital signage solutions with three decades of staying power


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Dec 13, 2023
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The world has changed, more so in the last few months than perhaps any other time in recent history.

Spectra, however, is a brand that is more than capable of rolling with the punches and adapting to meet the much-heralded ‘new normal’ that we’re all slowly becoming accustomed to in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

We are a brand that has been delivering reliable, flexible, and practical digital signage solutions for over 30 years.

We’ve also expanded into various sectors to reflect market and consumer demand, with our digital signage solutions being used by everyone from artists and retail stores to warehouses, lorry yards, the healthcare and education sectors and, of course, advertisers.

Throughout over three decades of service, we’ve provided digital display solutions to thousands of clients and continue to broaden our horizons.

Whether that’s transforming retail spaces with bold and flexible LED screens, creating wayfinding solutions, or keeping staff and customers safe with easily updatable health and safety displays, if there’s a message that needs to be delivered, we have the tools and the knowledge to deliver it.

We’ve even branched out into other spaces in recent years. We’ve expanded our range of Andon displays and temperature or humidity displays for warehouses to manage and improve efficiency and management.

We’ve also invested heavily in the audio sector, creating commercial sound solutions for music venues, the hospitality sector, retail and more.

Our primary focus and passion, however, remains in digital signage and there is still plenty of gas left in the tank as far as our ideas and ambitions are concerned in that realm.

The history of Spectra​

Spectra-Tek began life in the 1960s as a developer of numeric driver systems. The team had big ideas and went on to develop the first commercially viable alphanumeric, full dot matrix, LED system.

The result was such a resounding success that, in 1989, Spectra Displays was set up as its own entity and 31 years later it’s still constantly breaking new ground in the pursuit of LED display perfection.

Our audio skills have gotten a major boost in recent years too. In fact, we are the UK sole distributor of BOSE pro solutions for BMS (background music systems). This, coupled with our display heritage, means we are uniquely equipped to offer the finest audio and visual engineered solutions.

Our goal is to simplify the business of designing and building digital signage and audio solutions in a market that can be confusing and intimidating.

If you think it – we can build it​

If you have a digital display idea and you can’t quite make it a reality, we can provide that extra push across the finish line.

In fact, we might even be able to offer a few ideas of our own into the mix. We are also always expanding our capabilities, with new solutions constantly being added to our toolbox.

We work regularly in sectors as diverse as the arts, manufacturing, retail, leisure, and construction so there is no avenue we are unable to explore. You tell us what you want to achieve and our engineers will deliver an engineered solution. It really is as simple as that.

Whatever your goals and your audience, we’ll help you to achieve those goals and captivate that audience with show-stopping solutions that deliver maximum ROI.

In a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, Spectra is a brand that offers that extra push above the pulpit at every stage, from the initial idea to the final installation.

So, if you’re in the market for a digital display solution, get in touch today and allow us to bring your ideas to life!

Image: phive / Shutterstock.com

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