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What is an Assisted Living Community?


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Dec 13, 2023
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An assisted living community is much like a standard apartment community, except it's specifically for people that need in-home medical or personal care.

Assisted living communities offer independence for their tenants while still maintaining access to necessary care.

What kind of costs are associated with assisted living communities?​

Assisted living communities typically cost more than an apartment or home without additional services. But, someone seeking extra in-home care would likely already be familiar with that idea. You might like to know what exactly the extra costs cover, however.

Assisted living communities often include meals, medical care, housekeeping, recreational care and a number of personal care services. The list of amenities can vary greatly from one community to the next, so you should always check into the specific services offered at a community you're interested in.

Why or why not live in an assisted living community?​

As we mentioned, there are extra costs associated with living at an assisted living community. But, for many, these costs are worth it, sometimes even necessary.

Pros of assisted living communities​

  • Care specific to the resident's needs
  • Not a clinical setting, feels more like a home

Cons of assisted living communities​

  • Additional costs
  • A structure that some very independent residents may not enjoy

Who is eligible to live in an assisted living community?​

Anyone is eligible to live in an assisted living community, regardless of age. Because of their nature, assisted living communities are prime for anyone needing an extra level of care at home. Whether a senior citizen or someone much younger, an assisted living community could be the solution.

Some assisted living communities even offer multiple-room units, like the unit pictured, for roommates, partners or guests.

Additional resources​

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