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What is a Senior Apartment?


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Dec 13, 2023
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No, a senior apartment isn't an old-aged building. A senior apartment is an apartment built specifically for senior adults. Senior apartments feature senior-specific amenities and facilities in a shared community with other similar adults.

Do you have to be a senior to live there?​

Generally, yes, you need to be a senior to live in a senior apartment. However, some senior apartment communities do have differing standards. That doesn't mean you can't ever be visited by anyone under senior-age.

Most senior apartments allow for short-term guests to visit for a matter of hours or days at a time. Again, the regulations can vary quite a bit from one senior apartment community to the next.

What designates a senior apartment?​

So, what exactly is it that sets a senior apartment apart? Here are some of the most common features designating a senior apartment:

  • Accessibility features
  • Usually single-story or minimal stairs
  • Social events and activities with an alike community
  • Gated or restricted access
  • On-site businesses like dry cleaning or salon services

What does a senior apartment look like?​

Image from Azulon at Mesa Verde in Costa Mesa, CA​

Senior apartments are typically very well maintained and feature-rich, as it's intended for residents to live much of their life on the apartment grounds. Senior apartment communities have many on-site businesses and attractions to visit and usually have plenty of comfortable and well-maintained common space.

Additional resources​

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