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What is a 55+ Community?


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Dec 13, 2023
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A 55+ community is an area of homes — whether apartment homes, condominiums or detached homes — with access to amenities and services designed specifically for those 55 and older. Usually, these communities are physically detached from any adjoining communities with a fence or other barrier.

These homes can be lived in by the owner of the home or occupied by renters, depending on the specifics of the community. Sometimes, 55+ communities may even have both rented and owner-occupied homes within the same set.

Where can you find 55+ communities?​

When trying to find 55+ communities available to rent, your best bet is to look in the same place you'd search for any other home to rent. Trusting niche providers or other agents to find a home in a 55+ community may result in unexpected fees, whereas using a self-service home search website will not.

Some common amenities and services available in 55+ communities​

senior couple going for a hike

Part of the allure of 55+ communities is the specialized amenities and services that are often associated. These services and amenities are planned specifically with those 55 and older in mind:

  • Walking paths
  • Community gardens
  • Dog parks
  • Low-maintenance homes
  • Lecture and class opportunities
  • On-site spa treatments

Can anyone live in a 55+ community?​

The short answer is yes. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

Individual 55+ communities can set their own guidelines as to what is allowed and what is not. Most will allow anyone to live in the home, as long as at least one member of the family is 55 or older.

This allows for adult children to live at home, as well as for couples where one spouse is under 55 and one is older. Some other communities may even determine a majority percentage of homes to age restrict, and let the other homes be lived in age-unrestricted.

Additional resources​

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