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Urban Renovation: Hydroponic Farms in Unused Buildings


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Dec 13, 2023
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Cities are encouraged to see that urban renovations are underway whereby old, unused, or abandoned buildings, rooftops and empty lots are being repurposed with a better economic function than their original existence. It is encouraging to see this trend is being adopted throughout Africa & South Africa.

Hydroponic Retrofits as a Real Estate Solution​

One such newfound life is urban agriculture – specifically through hydroponic technology. The hydroponic retrofits not only provide new-found business opportunities for a local economy, but are a valuable way to bring together the community, promote the important topic of health, and grow and produce local food all while reusing an industrial building that might have otherwise been restricted solely to a life of dust-collection. Urban farming is key for food security!

Hydroponic Retrofits as an Energy Solution​

The new trend of hydroponic retrofits is popular for many reasons. For one thing, the practice of urban agriculture completely transforms an industrial space which may previously have been less than environmentally sustainable. In addition to the obvious food production benefits of commercial hydroponic retrofits, the buildings end up undergoing energy retrofits as well which greatly reduce the water and power consumption and increase operational cost savings.

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source: https://www.powerhousehydroponics.com/urban-renovation-hydroponic-retrofits-in-unused-buildings/

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