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The best digital display options if you’re on a budget


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Dec 13, 2023
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While it might have been the case years ago that digital display solutions were the sole reserve of the big retail chains, things are a little different today. Indeed, opting for digital signage over traditional signage will save you money in the long term and can provide even the smallest business with dynamic and flexible canvases through which to advertise, inform and delight.

But for those businesses on a tight budget, what might be the best options for them to consider as the country cautiously reopens this summer?

Indoor scrolling LED signs​

While sometimes you might want all the colour and space of a video screen the size of a wall, sometimes all you need is a little information. Perhaps, for example, you’re a hairdressing salon that wants to advertise your availability to passers-by? Or maybe you’re a small sandwich shop that creates a “sandwich of the day” and wants to be able to reveal it to potential customers? In either case, these indoor scrolling LED signs would be ideal. They can be seen comfortably in even very bright sunlight, can store up to 99 messages and boast a variety of fonts and effects. Best of all, however, they are very cost-effective. Before pulling the trigger, however, it’s worth noting that you’ll need ultrabright LEDs to stand out in bright sunlight, as standard LEDs will appear washed out when set against a sunny summer afternoon.

Reception and lobby signage​

Perhaps you just want a small “introduction” screen to sit in a waiting room or office and don’t want to splash out on anything fancy? For a small hotel or private clinic, bespoke reception and lobby LED signs are the ideal option. They don’t have much of a footprint but boast razor-sharp image quality and are thin enough to be mounted in walls or on desks with minimal effort.

Internal office displays​

In much the same manner as the scrolling LED signs, these internal displays are simple devices that are ideal for communicating just about anything you want to say or display. They can be grouped and managed from a central point or controlled as individual entities, meaning they can be used for everything from commercial digital clocks and timers to promotional tools and staff communication.

Small bespoke LCD displays​

Not all displays have to be the size of your shop window. Sometimes, all it takes is a 32-inch screen to tell a story and impart all the information you wish to impart. We stock a range of smaller and more affordable LCD screens that would be ideal for small retail establishments.

If you’re on a budget and we’ve managed to pique your interest, feel free to contact us today about our affordable and practical digital display solutions.

Image: phivv / Shutterstock.com

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