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Thai Orchids


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Dec 13, 2023
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Travel with Flower Duet to Thailand!​

altWe are so excited to kick off our in-person classes (also available online) for 2021 with a trip to Thailand. This year’s monthly classes will have us globe-trotting through flowers since we cannot get on a plane right now. This class features dendrobium orchids, just one of the many Orchids grown for the cut flower industry. In 1966 only a small amount of orchids were exported from Thailand to some European countries. Then within a decade, the country became the world’s leading producer and exporter and still is today. Cut flowers are exported to 148 countries and plants to 160 countries.

Casey has been to over 72 countries and one of them was Thailand. Most of these countries were reached by one of the 7 ships she worked aboard. This is Cunard’s Sea Goddess and Casey working the front desk. These ships were known as “Ultra Luxury” cruises.

Our home ports on this ship in Asia were Singapore and Bali, and we called to Phuket, Thailand often. It is pronounced Poo-ket. The heat, the energy and the vibe in Thailand was exotic. Orchids were in every hotel lobby, restaurant and growing wild everywhere. I was always attracted to them and still find joy working with them.


JANUARY 16, 2021 — Orchids of Thailand — the history, current floral production and an in-person workshop on how to design with these gorgeous blooms.

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