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Texarkana College Announces New Scholarship Benefitting Dual Credit Students


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Dec 13, 2023
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Texarkana College Trustees heard news today from Dr. Dixon Boyles, TC’s Vice President of Instruction, about a new scholarship for high school students who have participated in the TC dual credit program. The initiative is known as the DC to TC Pathway Scholarship and qualifying students can benefit from the scholarship as early as next fall. The scholarship application is open now through March 31, 2024.

Dr. Boyles said the new scholarship is designed to help graduating seniors complete their pathway toward earning a college degree at a minimum cost to them and their families.

“The DC to TC Pathway scholarship will reward high school students who have earned at least 15 hours of dual credit courses with up to $4,000 to complete their degree at Texarkana College before entering the workforce or transferring to a four-year college,” said Dr. Boyles. “We are excited to announce this new initiative that rewards high school students for completing college-level courses while in high school and getting a head start on their future college and career goals.”

Dr. Boyles said that TC will continue to offer the full tuition-paid Honor’s College Presidential Scholarship for top high school graduates along with numerous other scholarships established through the TC Foundation.

“TC has scholarships for students of all ages and degree pathways,” said Dr. Boyles. “The TC Foundation works year-round to establish scholarship funds to benefit students who are not only heading to college straight out of high school, but also those students who have waited to start college or are starting over in their careers. There are also several scholarships for students who are seeking specific career goals within the workforce. TC’s financial aid specialists and enrollment advisors help students identify funding sources so that completing a college degree is not a financial strain on the individual or their family.”

For more information about available financial aid and scholarship resources at Texarkana College, visit TC online at https://www.texarkanacollege.edu/admissions-aid/tuition-financial-aid/ or https://www.texarkanacollege.edu/scholarships/highschool.

Schedule tours and appointments with advisors by calling 903-823-3456 or 903-823-3012.

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