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Receipt Hog Cash Back App Review


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Dec 13, 2023
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The Receipt Hog App may sound porky, but your bank account is the only thing that gains weight.

Although, the fascinating part is once you sign up for Receipt Hog, you can redeem your points for online gift cards.

Today, I’m sharing ways you can save money using Receipt Hog and some other cool mobile apps to put cash back in your pocket.

Before I begin, I wanted to let you know that the information below is from the Receipt Hog website.

I will make remarks after each one to give you an idea of my feelings toward the Receipt Hog app.

Receipt Hog Review By Canadian Budget Binder

Receipt Hog Review By Canadian Budget Binder – sign up for Receipt Hog

Adore Cash Back, Sweepstakes, E-Gift Cards​

First, sign up for Receipt Hog using my Invite page.

As a bonus, use my code truh799 (Code), and I get 250 coins and you get 5 Hog Slot Spins with the first receipt you submit.

Not many survey and receipt apps will pay you cash via PayPal or offer an Amazon or Visa e-card.

Connect to your Amazon account or email to earn even more points to get coin bonuses.

How cool is that?

How Do I Redeem My Coins?​

Earn extra cash using cashback apps such as Receipt Hog

Earn extra cash using cashback apps such as Receipt Hog

The way Receipt Hog pays out was fascinating for us because we use Paypal and Amazon Canada quite a bit.

While Mrs. CBB and her friend were grocery shopping at Costco Canada, the increase in prices was noticeable.

Our receipt came to almost $400 buying items we’ve always purchased in the past.

There was a silver lining at Costco because our Coffee was on sale. Go Coffee!

When we shop at Costco, we buy 3 packs of German Salami for our son for $11.99, but it is now $13.99.

That extra two dollars we have to pay needs to come from somewhere else to meet our grocery budget.

The milk, cream, eggs and whipping cream 35% have increased in price at Costco, so we left it.

Full Shopping Cart At Costco Buying only Sale Items or Cheaper Than The Grocery Store Products

Full Shopping Cart At Costco Buying only Sale Items or Cheaper Than The Grocery Store Products

It’s cheaper to buy milk at Shoppers Drug Mart on 20x the Optimum points day when you spend $75.

Related: How we’ve earned over 6 million PC Optimum Points

We typically purchase the maximum milk allowed per customer and store excess in the freezer.

Currently, 10% cream is on sale for $1.99 at a higher-end grocery store called Metro.

Related: The Cheapest Grocery Stores In Canada

Factor Petrol and Time Into Your Day​

Thankfully our grocery stores are not spread out, so it’s easy to get to them without wasting golden gas.

As a shopper who knows the regular price on many items at all grocery stores in Canada, she knew we were in for a shock.

The two of us had to chat about inflation and how rising costs increase our monthly budget amounts.

Grocery is always our highest expense, even since our mortgage and vehicle have been paid.

: How to save money on gas

Mortgage-free doesn’t mean we are rich either because earning and saving money doesn’t stop with debt freedom.

Grocery Shopping Inflation​

For over 10 years now, we’ve been working diligently to stay under our grocery budget even with annual budget increases.

With the prices of groceries on the rise, we are looking for other ways to earn extra money.

We’ve done it before, and we will do it again but not so off the edge using coupons as they are limited.

Today we are always looking for reduced products that we can use to make 5 meals a week.

We also use the Flashfood app because they list reduced products such as those below that can be purchased.

If you’ve never heard of the Flashfood App, you can read my review and use my code to get $5 off your first order.

Our 50% off Grocery Shop At Zehrs On Saturday Night mushrooms, beans, coleslaw, and cheese balls.

Our 50% off Grocery Shop At Zehrs On Saturday Night

What is The App Receipt Hog?​

Receipt Hog is a free mobile app that rewards you for sharing information regarding your everyday purchases.

From day one on Canadian Budget Binder, I’ve always said to ask for your receipt no matter where you make a purchase.

Keep your receipts in a safe place so you can use them as needed for your budget or mobile cashback apps.

The more information you share, the more rewards you can earn with Receipt Hog.

Submit images of paper receipts, connect online accounts, and take surveys about your purchases to earn rewards. Build up enough coins, and you can redeem them for actual cash!

How Long Will It Take To Redeem Receipt Hog Coins?​

Once you cash out, your redemption request will be reviewed and approved within 7 days of your request date.

If you cannot find anything, be sure to check your spam folder, then contact Receipt Hog support.

Redeeming coins happens in four cashout your coins stages.

For example, if you collect 6500 coins, you can redeem them for $40.

This was right up my alley because I would prefer money that I can use for what we need in our family.

Earning $40 cash in Paypal could pay for a week’s worth of groceries for a single person.

Although the amounts may seem small, forty dollars goes a long way and is exactly how we save to become debt-free.

All the little expenses will add up to something big if your time is more important than earning coins; that’s your choice.

I typically upload our receipts and complete surveys in the evenings while lying in bed.

  • 1,000 coins = $5
  • 2,900 coins = $15
  • 4,300 coins = $25
  • 6,500 coins = $40

What Can I Redeem My Receipt Hog Coins For?​

Below is the cool part where Receipt Hog users can cash out coins, and we use both Paypal and Amazon.

When you use Paypal, it’s simple to transfer the money to any account.

Once you’ve earned at least 1,000 coins, you can choose between:

  • a direct PayPal transaction to the account of your choice
  • an Amazon e-gift card code sent to your account email
  • a Visa e-gift card code sent to your account email

Note: All payments are digital. No compensation will ever be mailed to you.

I also like that Receipt Hog does not mail physical cheques or gift cards.

That’s probably a good idea as gift cards might get stolen or lost in the postal system.

It’s also less work because the money is deposited into the account of your choice.

Information Needed When Uploading Receipts​

Just as you would pay a cheque into your bank account using a mobile deposit.

To qualify for rewards, your receipt photo submissions must contain the following in clear and unaltered form:

  1. Store name
  2. Items purchased with prices
  3. Total purchase amount
  4. Purchase date

All of the above information is generally on a receipt; however, you may be out of luck if it’s not.

Follow the rules or contact support if you feel your receipt won’t go through or it has been rejected.

Uploading Restaurant Receipts​

YES, you can use restaurant receipts on Receipt Hog, so be sure to collect a receipt no matter where you go.

We understand that restaurant, cafe, bakery, and bar receipts will often provide only the Credit Card Slip after you’ve paid for your purchase.

However, these receipts also apply to the exact requirements to qualify for rewards.

You must follow the guidelines above whatever receipt you plan to enter into Receipt Hog.

Don’t be shy and ask the business if they can offer you a proper receipt for budgeting purposes.

If you’d like to claim rewards for these, we kindly ask that you capture a picture of the receipt containing all the required information listed above.

Please do not attach a credit card slip with an itemized receipt. Combining the two into one receipt upload will not be rewarded.

Why Did Receipt Hog Reject My Receipt?​

Rejection hurts in love and money, but there’s always a reason, and even if you don’t like it, you must move on.

If the receipt image you submitted has all four required pieces of information, but it still didn’t receive rewards, there may be other reasons why it was not a valid receipt:

  • A receipt must be a cash register receipt
  • It cannot be a handwritten receipt
  • The invoice cannot be a non-standard receipt/invoice
  • It cannot be a printed out e-receipt
  • Additionally, a receipt may be valid, but the store itself may not be recognized by our system and needs to be added. While our database of stores is robust, we may not support smaller independent stores or businesses in our database.

Since Receipt Hog is an app, I can see why some receipts may not be valid.

Only share actual receipts, nothing more, nothing less and as mentioned, not all stores are in their database.

Receipt Hog may not support small retailers like family-run businesses; however, their system could add the store to their database.

I don’t think they miss any retailers on purpose. It’s just that they need to be aware of them.

There are just so many shops it’s near impossible to know them all, but you can alert them to those businesses with customer assistance.

Unfortunately, not all small businesses will be accepted.

Uploading Receipt Instructions​

The receipt instructions are relatively basic to complete and are the same for other retailers opting for uploaded receipts.

  1. Tap the Camera icon on the Home tab or Receipts tab
  2. If you haven’t already, allow Receipt Hog access to your device’s camera
  3. Place your receipt on a flat surface
  4. Starting with the very top of the receipt, align the edges of the receipt with the RECEIPT EDGE labels.
  5. Tap on the blue button at the bottom to take a photo of the receipt
  6. If your entire receipt didn’t fit in one shot, move the camera down and capture another photo of the next section
  7. Ensure that you have captured the store name, transaction total, transaction date, and all items purchased on the receipt
  8. Once you’ve captured the entire receipt, tap Done to submit it for processing

Tips For Uploading Paper Receipts, Including Long Receipts​

We always end up with a massive Costco receipt which can be tricky.

Luckily Receipt Hog has a way to help their customers with long or double-sided receipts.

Typically we will lay the receipt down on a dark surface with good lighting or on our white stove with the lights on.

If you have a good camera on your phone, use the focus button to ensure you can easily read all the details.

Our phone is a Samsung Note 10 Plus, and it takes decent photos and it’s the best phone we’ve ever owned.

  • Long or Double-Sided Receipts? We got you covered here.
  • If you have multiple receipts to submit, tap Done after each photo to keep them separate. We won’t be able to process numerous receipt images in the duplicate submission properly.
  • Lay the receipt down flat with as few wrinkles as possible in a well-lit area, and try using only neutral backgrounds to lay your receipt on.
  • Line up the edges of the receipt with the lines shown on the screen.
  • Let the camera focus correctly before taking a picture, or tap the screen to focus the image manually. If you tap the screen to focus, only tap over the text on the receipt to make sure your camera focuses on that text.

How To Hide Your Receipt Hog Receipts​

I’m not sure why people want to hide their receipts; however, there is a way to do it.

For Android and IOS, below are the instructions laid out by Receipt Hog if you’d like to remove receipts from your account.

To hide receipts on Android:

  1. Go to the Receipts tab
  2. Press and briefly hold down on each receipt you want to hide. You’ll see the line turn blue once each receipt has been selected.
  3. Tap the “Hide” button located in the top right corner.
  4. Confirm that you’d like to hide the receipts you selected.

To hide receipts on iOS:

  1. Go to the Receipts tab
  2. Tap the “Edit” button located in the top left corner
  3. Select the receipts you wish to hide. You’ll see the line turn blue once each receipt has been selected.
  4. Tap the “Hide” button located in the top right corner.
  5. Confirm that you’d like to hide the receipts you selected.

Overall Thoughts About Receipt Hog​

Hey, if you haven’t signed up yet, you’re missing out on easy money.

The surveys do not take long to do, and the rewards are great and can help pay for increased prices due to inflation.

First, sign up for Receipt Hog using my Invite page.

As a bonus, use my code truh799 (Code), and I get 250 coins and you get 5 Hog Slot Spins with the first receipt you submit.

Whether you are Canadian or American, my vote is a resounding YES use Receipt Hog.

Thanks for reading my review for Receipt Hog.


Discussion: How likely would you join apps to participate in surveys to earn cash or gift cards?

Please leave me your comments below.

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