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Peruvian ag exports grow 23% in value in January 2024


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Dec 13, 2023
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In January, Peruvian agricultural exports (traditional + non-traditional) totaled $1.062 billion, showing an increase of 23.2 percent versus what was registered in the same month of 2023, according to Agraria, using data from the Foreign Trade Society of Peru, Comex Perú.

Headshot of Marco Campos, Produce Blue Book's media coordinator for Latin America.

In the first month of 2024, agricultural shipments (traditional) amounted to $92 million, registering an increase of 43.5 percent; while agro-industrial shipments (non-traditional) reached $970 million, reporting a growth of 21.6 percent.

In January 2024, the main destination for Peruvian agro-exports was the U.S., which made purchases for $437 million, showing an increase of 20.9 percent. Furthermore, this destination concentrated 41 percent of the total.

Other important destinations in the first month of this year were the Netherlands with purchases of $126 million, an increase of 30.1 percent (accounting for 12 percent of the total); Mexico with $51 million, up 93.8 percent (5 percent of the total); Hong Kong with $42 million, up 98.3 percent (4 percent of the total); Spain with $42 million, up 38 percent (4 percent of the total); China with $41 million, up 17.6 percent; others with $323 million, up 10.9 percent.

The international trade union detailed that, according to the transport route, Peruvian agricultural exports were shipped mainly by sea with $962 million, showing an increase of 23 percent and concentrating 90.6 percent of the total. It is followed by air with $55 million, 7.8 percent, and by road with $45 million, 7.5 percent.

The main agricultural and/or agro-industrial products (non-traditional) exported in the first month of this year were: Fresh grapes for $316 million (up 2.8 percent); fresh blueberries for $211 million (up 183.3 percent); fresh mangos for $69 million (down 10.9 percent), fresh or chilled asparagus for $43 million (up 23.4 percent), cocoa beans, whole or broken, raw for $27 million (up 97.6 percent).

They are followed by fresh avocados for $21 million (up 139.6 percent); dried paprika, neither crushed nor pulverized for $16 million (up 162.1 percent); fresh or refrigerated onion for $12 million (up 29.1 percent); preparations for animal feed for $10 million (down 43 percent); fresh cavendish bananas for $10 million ( down 3.6 percent); others for $233 million ( down 1.2 percent).


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