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Pantone 2021 Colors: Large Pedestal HowTo


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Dec 13, 2023
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In our 2nd Flower Arranging Friday class this year, we again are turning to the 2021 colors of the year: Gray and Yellow! In this large-scale pedestal design, Casey takes you through all the steps to arranging for a wedding or entryway.

She uses three types of yellow roses: two standard and one spray along with billy balls and freesia! — See Mini Video below of these gorgeous yellow flowers perfect for 2021 celebrations!

Yellow Roses Flower Duet
Yellow Roses: Photo by Kit Wertz Flower Duet

She also uses just one type of greenery called Gunnii Eucalyptus!

Gunnii Eucalyptus
Gunnii Eucalyptus is a great “gray greenery” to use in 2021 floral designs. Photo by Kit Wertz Flower Duet

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Video Floral Preview​

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