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Our LED Video range has expanded!


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Dec 13, 2023
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Our LED Video range provides the solutions businesses of all shapes, sizes and niches need to engage and motivate audiences. With an extensive selection of functional and reliable LED technologies to choose from, you’re certain to find the indoor and outdoor screens you’ve been searching for, and our collection has just got bigger…

Renowned for their exceptional colour accuracy, superior brightness and flexibility in installation, Direct View LED or dvLED screens sit at the very forefront of visual display technology. Catering to a diverse range of applications, these screens have the potential to bring your commercial space to life, and it all starts out front!

New to Spectra – dvLED shop fascias​

The kerb appeal of your retail store is important. With an eye-catching shop front, you can capture the attention of passers-by and win over browsing customers in an instant. With our new Outdoor dvLED Shop Fascias, you can put your best face forward.

Our Outdoor dvLED Shop Fascias use Surface Mount Diode (SMD) LED technology. This unlocks several perks, especially when compared with other LED types such as Direct In-Line Package (DIP) and Chip On Board (COB) LEDs. We’ll let All About Circuits explain how:

“DIP LEDs are the more traditional approach to LED lighting and are a familiar sight with two parallel wires/leads/pins attached to an enclosed diode. They are less energy efficient than COB and SMD LEDs, and heat generation is an issue, leading to a shorter lifespan than the other options. While COBs and SMDs are smaller and more energy efficient than DIP LEDs, SMD LEDs, like those in Figure 2, can change colour and generate less heat than the other two LED types.”

Using the very best dvLED technology, these LED screens provide the all-in-one solution to transform the look and feel of your store. Each kit features dvLED modules, cabinets, mount, controllers, media player and even a lifetime CMS licence to ensure a display that is tailored to your business wants and customer needs.


Why choose dvLED technology​

dvLED screens have no doubt revolutionised the visual display landscape. Whether found outdoors on your shop front or indoors, these screens provide unparalleled brightness and contrast, delivering vibrant and true to life imagery even in well-lit settings.

The modular nature of dvLED screens allows for truly seamless scalability, paving the way for the creation of large, high-resolution displays without compromising image quality. Selected dvLED screens are also particularly energy efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional display technologies. dvLED screens boast longer lifespans too, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring consistent performance over an extended period.

Shop our dvLED outdoor screens​

With a 4mm or 6mm pixel pitch available, our Outdoor dvLED Shop Fascias provide optimum flexibility, outstanding high brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra-wide viewing angles, easy installation, and lightweight design. Their seamless display and IP rated enclosure also make them ideal for outdoor use, whatever the conditions.

For further details regarding our Outdoor dvLED Shop Fascias, please browse our range here or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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