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Our invaluable indoor and outdoor Health and Safety displays


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Dec 13, 2023
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In a post-COVID world, health and safety has never been more important in the workplace and messaging is arguably the most vital aspect of any health and safety solution. That’s one of the reasons why our bespoke health and safety displays have been so popular in recent months.

Outdoor health and safety signs​

Firm health and safety protocols are essential when it comes to ensuring employees not only avoid accidents but know what to do in the event of an accident. Workplace accidents causing both physical and financial distress are particularly common in warehouses and factory floors, where there is often heavy machinery and equipment being used.

These kinds of working environments must comply with the 1996 Health & Safety Executive’s Signs and Signals Regulations and the best way to ensure you’re sticking to these regulations is to invest in some digital health and safety signs. This is a cost-effective way of not only communicating safety risks to your workers and visitors in a busy and noisy environment but can be changed on the fly to offer invaluable safety information as and when emergencies arise.

Indoor health and safety signs​

While you are probably used to seeing health and safety signage in warehouses and other industrial environments, Spectra also offers a range of health and safety displays designed for indoor use. These more subtle displays are ideal for use in areas such as receptions, staff meeting areas or canteens, where the audience is potentially very close to the information.

Our indoor health and safety screens are full HD for the clearest possible image and are commercial grade, which means they’re not only designed to be used 24/7 but should put up with anything you can throw at them. The real beauty of this option is the flexibility, as it can be easily moved from location to location as and when is necessary.

Built to order​

The way all of our outdoor health and safety signs are designed is around your specific request. We take a HD image including your branding and any other relevant permanent information you want to include and manufacture it as a vinyl overlay over digital LED displays that reflects current health and safety information.

Spectra’s indoor health and safety displays are designed to mirror their external counterparts and allow you to maintain consistent branding and information sharing across the worksite or office. By installing these signs in prominent areas of your workplace you can keep yourself covered against any potential proceedings, should the worst happen, while doing the best you can to ensure it never does.

If you would like any more information on this range of products, please contact us at Spectra today and we’ll do our best to meet all of your unique health and safety display needs.

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