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Oppy unveils progress and vision in second annual sustainability report


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Dec 13, 2023
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NEWARK, Del. — Oppy BB #:116424, the leading grower, marketer, and distributor of fresh produce, has released the second edition of its sustainability report, “Expect the world from us,” marking substantial achievements in its commitment to environmental responsibility and social impact.

Evolving from the inaugural report which was released a year ago and consisted of benchmark data related to Oppy’s five ongoing focus areas — greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, food waste, water use, packaging materials and impact on people and communities — this update celebrates numerous sustainability and innovative achievements and sets tangible objectives for the future.

Director of Innovation and Sustainability Garland Perkins shared, “When I began leading Oppy’s sustainability efforts, I knew we were already doing impactful work. Now, with the second report, we are excited to demonstrate the legitimacy and depth of our progress. Our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to ‘doing the right thing’ for the environment and our people, while aligning with the business’ needs and realities.”

In the 2024 report, Oppy has transitioned from tactical initiatives to a focus on more significant, global-impact projects. The company is now addressing critical challenges within its supply chain, moving beyond quantifying efforts to tackle more complex issues.

“As an industry, we are all in this together,” shared President and Chief Operating Officer David Smith. “While Oppy’s global presence and unique role in the supply chain has the potential for staggering impact — when it comes to sustainability, we believe in collaboration over competition. Which is why we are committed to working with partners, stakeholders and competitors to create a sustainable tomorrow for all and drive meaningful change.”

Key highlights from the 2024 report:
• Oppy received SmartWay certification in the fall of 2023, a voluntary public-private program that measures and documents fuel use and freight emissions throughout the supply chain.
• 119,062 kilowatt hours (kWh) were generated from renewable sources, representing 59% of electricity used to power our offices and warehouse space, and avoiding 162 metric tons of carbon emissions
• Oppy’s upcycling partnerships for food waste and recycled materials resulted in the reduction of 74 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (mtCO2e) and 430 mtCO2e, respectively.
• As the leading marketer of Fair Trade-certified bell peppers, $1,574,965 in premium funds for farmworkers and their communities amounted from 26 million of the 34.9 million lbs of total certified produce sold in 2023.
• Increased sales volume of organic products by 130% between 2018 and 2023 — to both meet market demand and limit the effects of climate change.
• Launched a home and industry-certified compostable avocado bag in January 2024. The Earth Sack
is a 100% biodegradable and compostable bag free of microplastics and petrochemicals.
• 800% increase in Oppy employees’ paid volunteer time off, largely spent in the following areas: Food bank and food security related charity work, environmental support initiatives such as tree planting and activities supporting children’s education.

Oppy looks toward updating this annual document with its progress and strategic vision in the years ahead, while standing committed to transparency and collaborative progress. An open invitation is extended to industry peers to foster teamwork and exchange insights that will collectively shape the future.

About Oppy
Growing, marketing and distributing fresh produce from around the globe for over 165 years, Vancouver, BC-based Oppy discovers and delivers the best of the world’s harvest. With over 50 million boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables grown on every continent moving through its supply chain annually, Oppy offers popular favorites from avocados and berries to apples and oranges year-round, alongside innovative seasonal specialties. Over the years, Oppy has introduced North Americans to a number of items across its diverse produce range, including Granny Smith, JAZZ and Envy apples, as well as green and gold kiwifruit. Go to oppy.com to learn more.


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