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Old Side Return is Transformed to Add an Improved Kitchen to this Whitehall Park Home


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Dec 13, 2023
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You would have heard us harping on over and over again about how the kitchen is the heart and soul of the modern home many, many times in the past. And no matter how organized, efficient and aesthetic rest of your house is, a poor kitchen immediately brings it all crashing down. Faced with a similar conundrum, residents of this classic British home in Whitehall Park Conservation Area, Islington opted for a smart renovation that turned the old side return into a modern kitchen while expanding the dining area and social space.


Custom louvres made of oak line the underside of the roof and bring in ample natural light
Modern-Slated-Extension-of-traditional-British-home-18316-217x155 Old-side-return-of-classic-home-in-Whitehall-Park-Conservation-Area-in-Islington-turned-into-a-modern-kitchen-and-dining-area-24214-217x155 Stock-yellow-brick-cover-the-exterior-of-the-new-side-return-and-give-it-a-more-classic-vibe-98875-217x155 Custom-built-in-wooden-bench-around-the-dining-area-and-family-room-provides-sitting-space-and-storage-19973-217x155 Putting-the-corners-of-the-home-to-good-use-with-custom-built-in-benches-98315-217x155 Natural-light-plays-a-major-part-in-the-upgrade-of-the-old-kitchen-dining-area-and-family-room-43843-217x155 Large-window-in-the-dining-area-with-slated-wooden-ceiling-ushers-in-more-natural-light-65646-217x155 Gorgeous-and-functional-Slated-extension-in-Whitehall-Park-Conservation-Area-in-Islington-connects-the-new-kitchen-and-family-area-with-the-outdoors-79296-217x155
It was Yard Architects who reconstructed the old side extension completely, altered the place of the kitchen and added a whole new dining area and kitchen space that is far more open, cheerful and connected with the outdoors. But that is not all you have here with the previous dining area being turned into a utility room and custom décor additions providing more storage space and improving the quality of the family area. With a fully glazed roof and electrically operated roof-lights along with louvres made of oak adding to the grand visual, there is no lack of natural ventilation in here.


Modern Slated Extension of traditional British home


Old side return of classic home in Whitehall Park Conservation Area in Islington turned into a modern kitchen and dining area


Stock yellow brick cover the exterior of the new side return and give it a more classic vibe

Custom built-in wooden bench around the dining area and family room provides sitting space and storage

Custom built-in wooden bench around the dining area and family room provides sitting space and storage


Gorgeous and functional Slated extension in Whitehall Park Conservation Area in Islington connects the new kitchen and family area with the outdoors

The custom wooden storage bench that runs across the length of the dining room and morphs into an outdoor sitting bench on the other side of the window is another fine touch to this classy transformation. Elegant, efficient and still staying true to its roots, the renovation maximizes space and resources without leaning heavily towards modernity. [Photography: Emanuelis Stasaitis]


Large window in the dining area with slated wooden ceiling ushers in more natural light


Natural light plays a major part in the upgrade of the old kitchen, dining area and family room


Putting the corners of the home to good use with custom, built-in benches


View of the old side return and the backyard of the house before the extension

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