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Masterworks Review 2024: Invest In Art For As Little As $20


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Dec 13, 2023
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Masterworks is an innovative company that radically transforms how people purchase and own fine art.

By making high-end artwork more accessible and affordable, Masterworks has created a unique way for anyone to invest in and own world-renowned art pieces.

Whether you’re an experienced collector or just starting to invest in fine art, you’ll have the opportunity to make money from art and grow your investment portfolio.

So if you are ready to start your journey into the world of fine art collecting, then read my Masterworks art investing review below!


Masterworks is the first platform for buying and selling shares representing an investment in iconic artworks. Build a diversified portfolio of expertly-vetted works curated by our industry-leading research team.

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Key Takeaways​

  • Contemporary art is an asset class that’s accrued more wealth than gold, real estate investments, and more!
  • Masterworks is a fine art investing platform.
  • You can invest in fractional shares in the fine art market, so you don’t spend thousands on one piece.
  • The Masterworks platform has research and resources to help you pick investment pieces.
  • Masterworks handles details on the artwork, from finding pieces and researching them to storing them.
  • Artwork is a long-term asset that grows wealth slowly over time.
  • Fractional shares start at $20 per investment.

Masterworks Review​

What Masterworks Is​

masterworks process flow chart screenshot

Masterworks is an innovative platform based in New York that allows investors to buy shares in artwork by famous artists such as Andy Warhol.

It operates as an investment platform focused on blue-chip artwork, offering individuals the opportunity to invest in valuable art without needing to purchase entire pieces themselves.

The company acquires artwork from renowned artists, including those like Andy Warhol, who is highly sought after in the art market.

With the expertise of its team and art professionals, Masterworks carefully selects artwork with a proven track record of value appreciation.

By dividing the acquired artwork into shares or fractional ownership units, Masterworks enables investors to buy and own a portion of these valuable pieces.

This fractional ownership structure allows for broader participation in the art market, making it accessible to a wider range of individuals.

Masterworks uses unique technology and a secure online system to make it easy and safe for people to invest in the art market.

If you are interested in art and want to increase your investment payouts, Masterworks might be a good choice.

Who Can Invest​

At Masterworks, anyone over 18 can invest in these alternative investments. All you need to do is request an invitation to join the platform and become a member.

You don’t need prior experience in art investing either.

Masterworks provides all the tools and guidance necessary to make informed decisions about the alternative investments available on their platform.

Masterworks investors aren’t millionaires; you don’t have to be rich to invest in the art market.

Investing through Masterworks is far less expensive than traditional forms of art investment, such as buying gallery pieces or bidding at auction houses.

Investment Offerings & Key Features​

How Masterworks Works

  • Wide variety of classic and contemporary art: Masterworks offers investors the ability to choose specific works of art to invest in, becoming partial owners of the piece. The selection of art available through Masterworks is comprehensive and includes classic and highly regarded pieces. Each piece is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Sales and research reports: Masterworks provides detailed artwork data and sales reports to investors so they can make informed decisions. The company has access to excellent research resources that include a wide range of historical auction data, offering information on the art history that includes average price, sale history, and the estimated value of each art piece.
  • Comprehensive global art report: Masterworks offers comprehensive global art reports that keep investors up-to-date on the latest art world trends, market shifts, and emerging artists.
  • SEC Registration: Masterworks is a fully registered broker-dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The federal government regulates the company’s investments, ensuring maximum security for all investors.
  • Secure art storage: Masterworks stores art in a safe place. The art is in a temperature-controlled, museum-quality art gallery. Your 1.5% annual management fee helps keep the artwork safe and sound.
  • Secondary Market: Masterworks offers access to an investor’s secondary market trading platform. A secondary market is a place where you can buy or sell your shares using the company’s online bulletin board. If you want to sell your shares right away, you can use this method.

Masterworks Cost & Fees​

With Masterworks, you’re essentially putting money into Masterworks paintings and aiming to get money when they sell it.

The Masterworks fees help pay for the extra costs of managing artwork and getting ahold of those famous paintings. These costs include the work from the Masterworks team, storage, appraisal, insurance, and SEC regulatory fees.

A few Masterworks fees are charged to art collectors – an annual management fee, transaction fees, and a commission on the profits when the artwork is sold.

The fee structure is based on the total value of your account. It is not paid in cash but is deducted from the number of shares you own over time:

  • Annual Management fee: 1.5%
  • Profit Commission: After the artwork has been held in a portfolio for 3 to 10 years, Masterworks sells the piece on the open art market and collects 20% of its profits, similar to a hedge fund.
  • Transaction fees: These fees aren’t charged if you sell your shares on the Masterworks secondary market. In other words, investors won’t owe anything when they buy or sell art-backed securities on the Masterworks secondary market.

Estimated Return On Investments​

Masterworks Return Vs Other Investments Chart

As an investor, it’s essential to remember that there’s no guarantee that any fine art investments will produce a positive return on investment.

It isn’t easy to measure how Masterworks’ business model has done in the past because it has only been around for five years.

However, over the last five years, Masterworks has seen some impressive results.

According to Forbes, Masterworks has experienced a remarkable success rate of 17.8% in terms of profitability through selling seven works of art.

It’s an asset class that has grown over time more than gold and real estate investments, with an annual appreciation of over 12% per year.

Safety & Security​

According to the Masterworks website, Masterworks is very careful with security. They have a lot of different safety protocols to protect investors.

The artwork is stored in temperature-controlled museum-grade galleries, and all art offerings are registered with the SEC when Masterworks purchases art.

Customer Service​

Masterworks customer service can be reached by emailing them at [email protected].

They can also be reached by phone at 203-518-5172 between 9 am and 6 pm Eastern Time.

Risks & Returns Of Art Investments​

Masterworks Sold Art Pieces


Whether you’re investing in art, mutual funds, the stock market, or whatever else, there’s a risk.

You risk that the value of your investments may not appreciate as expected or may even decline in value.

This can be influenced by various factors, such as the artist’s reputation, the condition of the piece, and the demand for the artist’s work.

The biggest set back is making sure there are art collectors who want to buy your artwork later on!

Art investing is considered an illiquid asset, meaning it can be difficult to sell quickly, especially if there is no vibrant market for the artist’s work.

It can make accessing the funds invested in art more difficult if they are needed in the short term.


Investing in fine art through the Masterworks platform aims to achieve capital appreciation over time.

This means that the value of the artwork is expected to increase, and the investor could potentially sell the artwork for a profit in the future.

Fine art investing could diversify your investment portfolio. Diversification can help manage risk and improve the potential for a profitable investment return.

With an array of alternative assets to choose from, you have access to countless opportunities to manage your financial future.

Investing in fine artwork provides potential financial rewards and brings immense personal satisfaction and joy.

Possessing famous paintings by acclaimed artists is a memorable experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere – regardless of the monetary return you make when you buy fine art.

Signing Up For Masterworks​

Masterworks Homepage

Masterworks is different from other investment platforms because you don’t have to be an accredited investor to join.

You do have to be 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen to invest in Masterworks.

Before signing up for a Masterworks account, you need to visit the Masterworks website here.

You’ll request an invitation to become a member and go through a telephone interview.

A phone interview is required because Masterworks aims to make an individual connection with its clients and verify your identity.

During the phone interview, they’ll also answer any questions you may have about Masterworks usability.

You can call and ask how to tell the minimum investment on contemporary artwork or how contemporary art prices are determined, and more.

Once you become a member, you’ll finish setting up your Masterworks account and link your bank account to your account.

Then you can start building your investment portfolio with fractional shares of the Masterworks offerings.


Masterworks is the first platform for buying and selling shares representing an investment in iconic artworks. Build a diversified portfolio of expertly-vetted works curated by our industry-leading research team.

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Other Alternative Investments​

Investing in art through Masterworks is a great way to diversify your portfolio with contemporary art.

But you can invest in other things to create passive income- like real estate investments, stocks, and more!

Real Estate Investments​

Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments include buying residential or commercial property, which presents attractive opportunities for investors.

It’s now possible to buy fractional real estate shares with companies like Fundrise.

Fundrise helps novice and expert buyers purchase fractional shares of real estate projects in major US cities.

The online platform gives users detailed information about the progress and performance of each project, so buyers can easily make smart decisions and track their investments.

Read my honest Fundrise Review to see how you can make money investing in real estate.

Stock Investments​

Robinhood Investing Software

If you’re looking for other investment alternatives to Masterworks, consider exploring the world of stock investments.

The stock market allows investors to grow their wealth by buying and selling stocks in companies they believe are profitable or will become profitable over time.

One way to do that is with Robinhood. With Robinhood investing, even fractional stocks can be purchased for as little as one dollar!

In addition, Robinhood allows investors of all financial backgrounds to access more complex investment options such as options and cryptocurrency investments.

It provides an excellent way for new investors to diversify their portfolios without breaking the bank.

Plus, you get free stocks for signing up!

Robinhood has been my go-to platform for years- see why in my in-depth Robinhood Review.

Retirement Investments​

Betterment Homepage

There are a lot of opportunities for investors to grow their money and have a steady income with retirement accounts, such as 401ks and IRAs.

With these accounts, investors can achieve a comfortable degree of risk management by diversifying their portfolios with multiple stocks or funds that align with their objectives.

We should all pay close attention to retirement as early as possible. Betterment makes it easier than ever to invest confidently toward your retirement goals.

Opening an account with Betterment is simple – and with no minimum investment amount, you can start investing for the future without breaking the bank.

You can learn more about investing in your retirement with my Betterment Review.

Small Business Investments​

Mainvest Homepage

Small business investing is an excellent option for those seeking an alternative to Masterworks.

One way to invest in small businesses is with Mainvest. Mainvest connects investors of all sizes with local entrepreneurs needing additional capital.

Aligning with a local business can give an investor an inside perspective on the economic landscape.

You can also network entrepreneurial contacts, which that can produce significant dividends down the road.

See how you can earn money from small business investments in my Mainvest Review.

Farmland Investments​

One underrated alternative asset for consideration is farmland investments.

Land investment carries several advantages over traditional investments, such as tangible asset ownership and underlying value from the land itself.

In addition, farmland values have historically been a more stable asset than stocks which can provide more reliable long-term returns for investors.

I’m always looking for great investments, and I recently discovered FarmTogether. It lets you invest in farmland without buying or operating a farm.

Instead, your money goes towards buying agricultural land through collective investments, and then you share the bonus when it’s sold at a profit.

Read more about investing in growing farms with my FarmTogether Review.


Is Masterworks legit for art investments?​

Woman Curiously Looking At Art

So many people have asked, “Is Masterworks legit?”

Yes, Masterworks is a legitimate art investment platform to diversify your portfolio with the art world.

It offers investors the opportunity to purchase fractional shares in artwork from the world’s top artists

It provides access to unique, easy-to-trade assets with low barriers to entry, with fractional shares starting at $20.

How much do I need to invest in art?​

There is no set amount you need to invest in art, as it can vary significantly depending on factors such as the artist, the medium, the size of the work, and the demand for it.

Some artists’ works can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, while others may sell for just a few hundred dollars. The purchase price changes how much you get in appreciation too!

If you’re interested in investing in art, start by setting a budget for your purchases and doing some research to understand the market and the art types that interest you.

It can also be helpful to seek the advice of an art expert or visit art galleries and auctions to get a sense of the current market and to see works by different artists in person.

How does Masterworks pick art pieces?​

According to the company’s website, the Masterworks investment process of selecting artworks for the portfolio involves several steps, including:

  1. Identifying blue-chip art: The company focuses on blue-chip artwork by classic and contemporary artists with a proven track record of selling at major auction houses and whose works are held in major museum collections.
  2. Evaluating the artwork: The company uses a combination of data analysis and expert assessment to evaluate the potential appreciation of each work and its suitability for the portfolio.
  3. Determining the price: The company uses a proprietary pricing model to determine the initial offering price for each work based on factors such as the artist’s reputation, the condition of the work, and market demand.
  4. Offering the artwork to investors: Once a work has been selected and priced, it is made available to art buyers through the Masterworks platform.

Is art a risky investment option?​

Like any investment, art investments carry some risk, and there is no guarantee of a return on your investment.

The value of an artwork can be influenced by various factors, including the artist’s reputation, the artwork’s condition, market demand, and economic conditions.

Some experts consider art to be a relatively risky investment compared to more traditional assets such as stocks or bonds

The value of art can be challenging to predict and fluctuate significantly, but that’s why you need to research investments upfront.

What is an illiquid asset?​

An illiquid asset is an asset that cannot be easily converted into cash or sold quickly. Illiquid assets may include real estate, private equity deals, works of art, and collectibles.

In contrast, liquid assets such as stocks can be easily converted into cash or sold more quickly, sometimes even on the same day you buy them.

The liquidity of an asset can be an essential factor to consider when making investment decisions because it can affect an investor’s ability to access their funds.

Final Thoughts​

Woman Checking Her Investment Portfolio

Masterworks provides a new opportunity for investors to invest in art without paying a lot of money upfront to buy artwork outright.

With its simple entry requirements and minimum investment, Masterworks invites people to explore a new investment sector.

Art could offer higher returns than conventional stocks and bonds over years of investments.

When you invest in art through Masterworks, you’re making a long-term commitment.

You won’t be able to sell your shares for at least 3 years, and ideally, you’ll hold onto them for 10 years or more.

Your shares can be sold on the secondary market, but it may take some time because there is no guarantee there will be a buyer on the secondary market for the shares.

It can be a great way to build wealth, but it’s not a short-term investment. Make sure you’re comfortable with the timeframe before you commit.


Masterworks is the first platform for buying and selling shares representing an investment in iconic artworks. Build a diversified portfolio of expertly-vetted works curated by our industry-leading research team.

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