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LEGO Flowers Kid-Friendly Fun


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Dec 13, 2023
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While on vacation in Virginia with the kids, I took them to the LEGO store at Tyson’s Corner in McLean, Virginia. When we were checking out with their new LEGO sets to make at their grandparents’ house (a good activity when the power goes out during the numerous thunderstorms), I spied this box of LEGO tulips!!!

LEGO Tulips
This LEGO tulips design set is one of a few plant themed designs that are currently available. Photo by Kit Wertz.

The kids and I took turns making each tulip and we were done licketly split so we had fun displaying them around the house and even inside a fresh design on the kitchen table.

Lego Tulips in a vase
Lego Tulips are pretty in a one of Gram’s crystal vases. Photo by Kit Wertz.

My son Cole thought it would be fun to make a “buzzing bee” out of LEGOs to go on a tulip and here is what he came up with that I thought was really cute, too!.

LEGO bee on LEGO Tulip
Cole’s bee made of LEGOs finds a spot on a LEGO tulip. Photo by Kit Wertz.

There are a few other LEGO flower sets which feature roses, a bouquet and even a large-scale bird of paradise.

Lego Roses
LEGO Roses. Photo: LEGO

Lego Flowers
LEGO Flowers. Photo. LEGO

There are also some beautiful, but more difficult LEGO sets featuring flowers and plants like the CREATORS BOTANICAL COLLECTION of Bonsai, Bird of Paradise and a fuller Flower Bouquet.

LEGO Bonsai
LEGO Bonsai. Photo: LEGO.

LEGO Bird of Paradise
LEGO Bird of Paradise. Photo: LEGO.

LEGO Flower Bouquet
LEGO Flower Bouquet. Photo: LEGO

We have our own LEGO flower kits that we created last summer as part of our Online Living Art Camp sets. Each week we featured a different theme through the summer of 2020 for those kids who could not attend in-person camps due to Covid-19 restrictions. Our LEGO camp was super popular and used a combination of fresh flowers and LEGOs to create fun designs.

LEGO WEEK Living Art Camp
LEGO week Living Art Camp by Flower Duet.

Purchase our LEGO Supplies Kit & 6 online flower lessons for Living Art Camp

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