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LED displays in the arts – 5 incredibly artistic uses of display tech


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Dec 13, 2023
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Art is subjective. That’s one phrase you’ll find yourself hearing a lot if you’ve ever studied it at length.

But one undeniable thing all artists can agree on is that the modern world has spoilt us with a variety of tools we could only have dreamt of just decades ago. Tools that can be used for business and commerce, certainly, but can also be used to create something truly beautiful and artistic.

Artists have been using digital display solutions as a platform for their ideas now for years, with LED displays, in particular, offering a flexible, durable, and reliable canvas for a range of ideas.

With the new generation of digital and touchscreens, there’s even the chance for the general public to become more actively engaged with these digital works of art and feel like they are investing a part of themselves in the work.

But which pieces from the last decade have stood out and made an impact?

IBM Think​

This exhibit was designed to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary focused on a series of incredibly complicated interactive LED displays that told the story of the “human approach to understanding and improving the world through science and technology,” in a boldly artistic fashion.

Six Pillars of Wisdom​

This bold WiFi-enabled art project in Newport was put together by our very own team at Spectra and was created to be a contemporary and bold installation marking the Pill area of the city as an area with a rich and colourful heritage. With a concept designed by the artist Andrew Small,

Spectra was tasked with building a set of flexible LED screens displaying content controlled by WiFi, with content regularly being uploaded by the artist and the local community.

A Study of Matter​

Now we’re getting incredibly deep. This seamless design stretched across a single large LED screen, bent in the middle, which aimed to explore the tension between nature, humans, and technology.

Creator Kamil Nawratil achieved this by combining his love of science, architecture and digital media into an immensely colourful display that played with perceptions of colour and the role it plays in our lives.

Theatre in the Sky​

In 2014, Jason Bruges Studio designed an art installation fuelled by LED lights on top of London’s iconic Shard building. The installation took up the top 40 floors of the towering skyscraper and was the tallest art installation in Europe at the time.

The display used moving LED lamps and screens to project lighting that reflected the various moods of the capital city from Christmas up until New Year.

The Wells Fargo Centre​

Created by the very clever souls at ESI Design and situated in the atrium of the Well Fargo Centre in Denver, Colorado, these 85-foot tall LED screens appear from a distance to be glimmering ribbons of fabric.

Only when you get closer to you notice they are incredibly tall and thin displays that change throughout the day and the year to reflect the season and time. It uses a bespoke algorithm to generate the images procedurally and is a major talking point among those who view it.

If these incredible installations have awoken an artistic urge that you think can only be explored through the medium of digital display solutions, contact us today and we’ll help bring your digital dreams into focus.

Photo by YGLESIAS395 – Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

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