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Hydroponic Troubleshooting


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Dec 13, 2023
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Most of the problems we encounter in a hydroponic garden are relatively easy to diagnose. However, what frustrates many novice and experienced hydroponic gardeners alike is coming across something strange, not quite right or downright destructive in a previously healthy crop. Troubleshooting such occurrences can be difficult, as there could potentially be multiple causes for the same set of symptoms or, in particularly unlucky cases, more than one problem can exist at the same time.

Hydroponic troubleshooting skills generally improve with time and experience and while newer growers may be baffled by something as simple as a mite infestation, the more advanced hydroponic gardener can still be taken by surprise by strange and unusual plant symptoms.

We work with all our clients to ensure you grow successfully!

Here are some common problems whose cause maybe a little mysterious at first.


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