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How you can afford traveling in college


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Dec 13, 2023
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Along with the new places, traveling exposes one to a lot of new cultures, people, experiences, and lessons. Though traveling is a fulfilling experience at any age, traveling as a student (when you are full of energy and flexibility) is the best.

how to afford traveling in college

But as a student, it may get a little tough to travel because there are other things to consider too. You have limited resources- time and money. Your schedule is packed with classes, projects, exams, extra-curricular activities at college. Let me share with you some amazing tips that would help you make the most of your resources and manage your travel well.

1. Set a budget/fund for travel​

Set a separate fund for your travel and create a bucket list for places that you want to travel. That would give you a fair idea of how much you need to have in this fund to manage your travel. With a clear goal, you will try to save more.

2. Set your priorities​

Who doesn’t like to party every weekend and splurge on things you love? But you have to set your priorities. If travel is something that you are really passionate about, cutting down unnecessary expenses won’t be an issue. Do you really need to buy that expensive cup of coffee and order food every day?

lighttravelaction-how to afford traveling in college

3. Ask for money/ cash gifts/gift vouchers from parents/ relatives​

On occasions like your birthday, festival, etc, tell your parents in advance that you’d love to receive a cash gift. Alternatively, you can ask for gift vouchers that you can use for purchasing things that would help you travel.

4. Offer your services for a payment​

Find something that you’re good at and offer your services for a payment. This could be writing, editing, video editing, tutoring, babysitting, delivery, etc. You can earn and save some money even if you spare some hours every week for these gigs.

5. Find volunteer opportunities or exchange programs- hostel, farms etc​

Another amazing way to find travel opportunities along with finding a good place to stay and learn is volunteering and exchange programs. Many organizations, hostels, schools, farms regularly seek volunteers for different kinds of work. In exchange for the services you offer, you may be provided with a place to stay and meals. Also, you get to learn a lot. You can find these opportunities through online communities.

lighttravelaction-how to afford traveling in college

6. Find friends/ relatives who live at a place that you may like to travel to​

Sometimes your parents may consider you too young to travel on your own and not allow you to travel to distant places. In such situations, you may want to connect with your family friends, and relatives. Check if there’s someone you or your family knows, living at a place you would like to travel to. It would not only help in providing local information about the place but might also give you a safe and free place to stay.

7. Travel during off-season or when there are some offers discounts​

Another way to save some money is to travel during the off-season. You can get huge discounts on rent and other tourist attractions. Finding offbeat destinations to travel to can also help you save some money as famous tourist places are more expensive.

8. Find free things to do at your destination​

One of the things that I still do when I travel around is find free things to do at the destination. For example, temples in India are worth visiting and usually have no entry free. Often there are days when entry is free for tourists at some attractions like museums, look out for these. You need not always spend money to experience some amazing moments during your travels.

9. Use your student status to get discounts and offers​

This is quite obvious but still, I’ll reiterate you should always carry your student ID with you. You never know where you can find a chance to save some money! Wherever and whenever you’re going to spend some money, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for discounts/ offers/ upgrades/ complimentary stuff.

lighttravelaction-how to afford traveling in college

10. Connect with a local​

Connect with a local person ( online/offline, whatever works for you) to know the cheap ways to make the most out of your trip. It could be tips about using public transport, good but reasonably priced places to eat, what’s worth spending money on and what’s really not.

Plan your trip and budget well and stick to it otherwise, it would lead to unnecessary expenses

11. Find a travel buddy/ companion​

Traveling solo has its perks but having a travel buddy helps in splitting costs for travel (if you need a taxi), accommodation, trying new food at a restaurant, etc.

lighttravelaction-how to afford traveling in college

12. Pack smart​

Pack light but remember to pack stuff that you know you will need. Sometimes forgetting something and then buying it in urgency makes you spend more than you’d usually do. Pack your meal for the journey and the next meal too if possible. Also pack some healthy dry snacks like granola bars, nuts dry fruits, etc.

13. House-sitting and pet-sitting​

There are many people who don’t want to leave their house or pets unattended when they are going away for some time ( could be a day or more). It’s easy to look for such opportunities online. You can earn some money or you can find a place to stay for free this way.

14. Join college teams/clubs​

Join college clubs, sports teams, etc. Often colleges organize various inter-college events, meets, and competitions that are held at places other than your own college. This would give you a chance to travel to other cities and explore things.

lighttravelaction-how to afford traveling in college

15. Be a local guide​

Can’t imagine yourself doing any job that’s not travel-related? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Explore your own backyard and become an expert about your own city (and nearby areas). Click some photos and stay active on online communities. Providing service as a local guide and conducting city tours for the people visiting your city can be a great way to earn some bucks!

With so many ways to afford traveling in college, do you still need to wait? Find your best fit and get started with saving for your travel fund!


Funding your travels as a student can be difficult. I wish I had all this information when I was a college student. With these tips, traveling as a student on a budget would be much easier than you thought. #lighttravelaction #indiatravel #indiatraveltips #studenttravelonbudget #traveltipsforcollegestudents #affordingtravelasastudent #indiatravelguide #studenttraveltips #incredibleindia #indiadiaries #budgettraveltips #fundyourtravel

Funding your travels as a student can be difficult. I wish I had all this information when I was a college student. With these tips, traveling as a student on a budget would be much easier than you thought. #lighttravelaction #indiatravel #indiatraveltips #studenttravelonbudget #traveltipsforcollegestudents #affordingtravelasastudent #indiatravelguide #studenttraveltips #incredibleindia #indiadiaries #budgettraveltips #fundyourtravel

Funding your travels as a student can be difficult. I wish I had all this information when I was a college student. With these tips, traveling as a student on a budget would be much easier than you thought. #lighttravelaction #indiatravel #indiatraveltips #studenttravelonbudget #traveltipsforcollegestudents #affordingtravelasastudent #indiatravelguide #studenttraveltips #incredibleindia #indiadiaries #budgettraveltips #fundyourtravel

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