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How LED displays could help the world settle back into a post-COVID 19 world


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Dec 13, 2023
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On the evening of Sunday the 10th of May, 2020 at around 7 pm, the British public were dealt a very confusing hand by Prime Minister Boris Johnson: In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, the Conservative leader, who himself has only just recovered from a potentially fatal dalliance with COVID-19, essentially told England to go back to work. Or did he?

The mixed messages that continue to be doled out have led to a situation that is developing by the day, so it’s impossible to predict exactly what tomorrow will bring.

This morning (Wednesday, May 13), saw the country return to work in force and the news was inundated with polarising images of crowded tube trains on one hand and empty train stations on the other.

It would appear that the mixed message has led to a dependably mixed response, but what it also represents is a shift into a new world and any substantial shift requires the right guidance.

This is why messaging and how those messages are delivered, should be playing an important role in helping people find their feet and helping businesses to help the general public utilise their services safely.

It could also play a large role in helping businesses appear more appealing to the public when they reopen while maintaining Covid19 safety measures for the welfare of their employees and their customers.

Of all display options, LED and LCD display solutions are quite comfortably the most flexible and affordable options for most small to medium-sized businesses.

So, we’ve outlined below a few ways in which these displays could be used to help the UK settle safely in such confusing times.

Reminders – People are, by and large, going to be expected to rely on their own common sense going forward, but that common sense sometimes needs to be reinforced by a good old fashioned reminder that the world hasn’t ‘gone back to normal’ yet and that there are still measures that need to be taken to keep everyone safe. Consider, for example, simple indoor scrolling LED signs to reinforce the 2-metre rule or larger health and safety signs that spell out exactly what is expected of customers.

Not only will this help them to remember but it will inspire greater confidence in those that might not exactly trust the common sense of their fellow man.

Window Displays – Businesses could also be using digital displays to make themselves appear more appealing and to advertise their opening hours, which might have to change as a result of the new measures.

A digital information screen, for example, could be used to display safety measures (including how many people are allowed on the premises at any one time) and opening hours and could also be used to provide comforting welcoming messages to customers who may be understandably cautious about stepping foot into your establishment.

Takeout Services – With more people staying home not only out of necessity but for their own safety, many businesses have been forced to pivot their strategies towards a more online and delivery-focused model. This week, there are going to be people returning to the world and whilst you might not be ready to reopen yourself, your business might be one that needs to advertise your takeout services. High brightness digital displays are ideal as makeshift ‘takeaway’ menus that can include the ‘menu’, phone number and website through which your business currently operates. And when the world doesn’t finally return to normal, they can always be repurposed as more conventional in-store displays.

Nobody knows how much longer this pandemic will affect our lives on such a profound scale – but as long as we’re willing to adapt then businesses can continue to thrive, whatever the outcome.

And digital displays remain the best way to get your message out there, whether that message is “keep 2 metres apart at all times” or “buy one, get one free.”

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