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How do transparent LED screens work?


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Dec 13, 2023
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LEDs help businesses just like you lead the way in many areas, including marketing. For brands looking to make an impact with their digital displays however, bigger may just be better. But it’s not just the size of our ready-made, custom-built LED screens that make them impressive!

Our transparent LED video screens put innovation first. Read on to discover more about our transparent LED screens, including how they work and why they make the ideal investment for businesses wishing to take their displays up a notch.

What are transparent LED video screens?​

Transparent LED screens bring together the very best of both worlds. While not quite as clear as glass, they provide all the functions of an LED screen to ensure a captivating indoor or outdoor digital display.

In short, a transparent LED video screen is exactly that. Its use of high-resolution graphics and exceptional transparency make for an impressive finish, with the unit itself appearing to float in thin air while communicating your brand messaging with the attention-grabbing vibrancy it deserves.

How do transparent LED displays work?​

Transparent LED video screens go one step further than conventional LED screens. The glass-like appearance and LED functionality ensure a mesmerising, eye-catching, high transparency experience for the viewer.

Transparent LED video screens are either categorised as ‘side-emitting’ or ‘front-emitting’. As the name suggests, side-emitting transparent LED video screens use side-emitting LED lamp beads to offer high permeability, a lower structural span and better aesthetics.

In comparison, front-emitting transparent LED video screens utilise conventional package lamp beads, making them more cost effective to produce. Their low permeability and greater structural span however mean they are less aesthetically pleasing.

Transparent screen tech

A module front face, which, while not as clear as glass, offers 70-80% transparency.

Where could a transparent screen be useful?​

With added interest and intrigue guaranteed with their almost 3D looking displays, our transparent LED video screens are already popular across several applications.

In addition to forming part of permanent window displays in the retail industry, our displays provide mesmerising customer experiences in settings like restaurants, trade shows, festivals, stage productions, shopping centres, and museums. Our team has also collaborated with an artist to supply one of these screens for an exhibition.

How do they compare with regular LED screens?​

Thanks to their transparency and ultra-slim dimensions, these displays are less invasive than conventional LED screens. They blend seamlessly with surroundings to publicise your content and attract attention.

Their high transparency is particularly appealing to viewers, with minimal interference from all angles, including when content is viewed from the outside and inside simultaneously. When compared with regular LED screens, transparent LED video screens are lighter in weight, easier to install, and don’t require complex structural support.

In addition to this, transparent LED screens are energy efficient, safe, convenient and low pollution to ensure a guilt-free advertising opportunity you can really embrace.

Ready to experience the benefits of a transparent display for yourself?​

Our transparent LED video screens are available in any size, shape or configuration. Please contact us today for further information, including additional details and pricing.

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