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Earth Day Prep: Learn about More Sustainable Floral Design


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Dec 13, 2023
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There’s a lot more buzz about sustainability in every aspect of our lives. We are all more conscious of where our food comes from, what our carbon footprint is and how we can help the planet stay healthy for our children and grandchildren. If you want to know how florists are making changes to be more eco-friendly and how you can make positive changes for the future, there is a great resource compiled by Debra Prinzing for the Johnny’s Seed Company. There are lots of ways to design without floral foam and our students often ask us to teach them using alternative methods and techniques. We created this infographic on alternatives to floral foam to help you visualize how easy it is to work with flowers “the old-fashioned way.”

For Flower Duet, this idea is nothing new. We wrote about Eco-Friendly Floral Design in our online newsletter a decade ago. Since it’s the month we celebrate Earth, I thought it would be good to revisit that newsletter post and add an infographic to help simplify the idea of how to design without floral foam.

Here’s the infographic and then click the button below to see our foam-free flower arranging courses.

Eco-Friendly Floral Design Infographic

Eco-Friendly Floral Design

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