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D&D 5e Explorers Guide to Wildemount PDF ePub free download


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Dec 13, 2023
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Explorers Guide to Wildemount is another setting for your DUNGEONS and DRAGONS crusade, initially made by Matthew Mercer as the setting for the second mission of the hit arrangement Critical Role. Despite the fact that it’s only one landmass in the bigger universe of Exandria, Wildemount is abounding with fluctuated societies, areas, people groups, and beasts. It is home to the two symbols of wickedness and paragons of good, however, it is characterized by the average folks who exist in the middle of these two goals.


Explorers Guide to Wildemount is for D&D players and Dungeon Masters of all experience levels. It is for newcomers and for no-nonsense enthusiasts of Critical Role the same. In the event that you’ve observed each scene of Critical Role to date, this book will in any case contain shocks for you, as there are corners of Wildemount that even the Mighty Nein couldn’t investigate in their experiences.

In case you’re a Dungeon Master, this book will assist you with making a D&D crusade set in a place where there is war, interest, and brave experience. You could set your mission totally inside one of Wildemount’s four areas, or you could follow the model set by Critical Role and make a mission with a continually advancing tone as the globe-trotters venture over the mainland. You will likewise discover pristine beasts and basic undertakings that can assist you with beginning a mission in any of Wildemount’s four locales.

Link download: https://vk.com/wall-198261745_251
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