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Box-Style Glass Enclosures Extend a Victorian Terraced House in South London


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Dec 13, 2023
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Every home renovation and extension is unique and different. The challenge is always to find a balance between two contrasting styles while ensuring that functionality is not compromised. Set in an idyllic neighborhood of South London, the Frame House is a classic Victorian terraced home that was in need of a cheerful and modern makeover. Bureau de Change Architects came up with a remodel and rear extension that sets this home apart from the crowd using a series of box-style glass volumes that steal the spotlight. The geometric, interlocking boxes feel like they are a part of a British museum, with gorgeous lighting to accentuate the beauty!


Custom box-style glass cabins extend the traditional London home
Box-style-glass-enclosures-coupled-with-a-captivating-skylight-bring-light-inside-the-house-36220-217x155 Glass-boxes-with-metal-frame-extend-the-traditional-home-in-a-creative-manner-71628-217x155 Gorgeous-interlocking-geometric-glass-volumes-extend-the-classic-Victorian-terrace-home-in-South-London-83263-217x155 Multi-level-interior-of-the-home-with-terrazzo-floor-92755-217x155 Kitchen-island-with-a-rounded-edge-and-terrazo-tile-finish-makes-a-big-visual-impact-36739-217x155 New-open-plan-living-space-with-kitchen-and-dining-placed-on-different-levels-89999-217x155 Terrazzo-floor-and-tiles-in-the-bathroom-continue-the-theme-of-the-home-renovation-59293-217x155 Street-facade-of-the-renovated-and-extended-Victorian-house-in-London-72388-217x155
The glass volumes with dark steel frames sit both underneath the original home and also extend beyond it into the yard. Creating new spaces for the revamped open-plan living, dining area and kitchen, the enclosures seamlessly connect the interior and the outdoors.

Another key element of the makeover is the captivating use of terrazzo tiles throughout the home, with a subtle change in their shade and hue delineating different zones of the living area. A multi-level arrangement of spaces, new, modern kitchen, re-energized master suite and improved façade complete the stunning transformation. [Photography: Gilbert McCarragher]

Box-style glass enclosures coupled with a captivating skylight bring light inside the house

Box-style glass enclosures coupled with a captivating skylight bring light inside the house


Glass boxes with metal frames extend the traditional home in a creative manner


Gorgeous interlocking geometric glass volumes extend the classic Victorian terrace home in South London


Multi-level interior of the home with terrazzo floor


New open-plan living space with kitchen and dining placed on different levels

Material choices and lighting emphasize this passage, transitioning from the darker enclosure of the kitchen towards the brighter open spaces that lead to the garden – with terrazzo surfaces in varying tones mirroring this progression. Shifting levels create a language of both useful and playful ledges, steps, borders and planters.


Revamped staircase with bespoke terrazzo handrail connects different levels of the home


Terrazzo floor and tiles in the bathroom continue the theme of the home renovation


Kitchen island with a rounded edge and terrazzo tile finish makes a big visual impact


Master suite of the home in brown and white with blue doors


Street facade of the renovated and extended Victorian house in London

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