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Backyard Bouquets :: 5.7.15


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Dec 13, 2023
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Le Belle Epoque is the new darling of the tulip world. I saw a photo of her last spring and immediately called my bulb supplier and asked them to special order a couple thousand for me from Holland. They weren’t cheap, and I had my doubts when they first started pushing through the ground this spring — the plants seemed a bit wimpy next to the long graceful stems of my favorite of many years, Menton. But then the first Belle bloomed and she was truly magnificent! A soft fawn brown with veins of deep rose and an belly of smoky purple. Le Sigh.
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
After that first bloom opened, I literally dreamed that night about an arrangement that included Belle, purple fritillaria, and nearly-black hellebores. Then the next morning as I was harvesting some dogwood, I noticed the purple tinge in the tips of the sepals and I couldn’t resist grabbing a vase right then and there, pushing aside pressing farming tasks for the sake of seeing this dream in my head come together. I have to say, for once reality lived up to the dream! If only the camera (and its user) did a better job of capturing those subtle tones of purple.
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
Love 'n Fresh Flowers

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