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Backyard Bouquets {11.6.14}


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Dec 13, 2023
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Down but not out! That’s how I would sum up the season at the moment. We’ve had frost several times at this point, but somehow the Cafe Au Lait dahlias in the field and a bevvy of other dahlias in the hoop house are still kicking. I can’t quite figure out the magic that has kept the Cafe Au Lait dahlias going despite the frost. They are planted next to the hoop house and I wonder if this is somehow providing just the smallest amount of shelter to ward off the worst of the cold. In any case, there are still a handful of these beautiful blooms to be had and their colors are even more remarkable than ever.
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
This week’s Backyard Bouquet is really multiple bouquets, designed for a late autumn photo shoot with our good friends at Maggpie Vintage Rentals and Emily Wren Photography. It was a delight to get a little creative outlet here at the very tail end of the wedding season. The antique mums, particularly the coppery red Candid, looked amazing with Maggpie’s fantastic copper chairs. These photos are mine, but I really can’t wait to see Emily Wren’s.
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
Diana, who normally models my bridal bouquets for a quick photo at the farm just before we pack them up for delivery, took off her signature green Wellies and put on a stunning wedding gown instead to model for this shoot. I think she’s got a second career in the works!
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
Who knows what next week will hold for the Backyard Bouquets. It’s such a treat to still have flowers in the field so late in the season. But at this time of the year, the weather may turn nasty in just one day and never turn back. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts!
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
What’s blooming in your backyard this week? Feel free to add a link to your own Backyard Bouquets in the comments section below. If you are on Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #backyardbouquets to join in the fun. I’d love to see what everyone is growing and creating!
The only “rule” is that all the elements in the arrangement must be sourced locally, within a 25 mile radius. Your own backyard is a great place to start!!
Love 'n Fresh Flowers
Love 'n Fresh Flowers

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