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Apply to the Calibrate for Neurology Pilot Program


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Dec 13, 2023
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Partner with Aquifer in the pilot program on Calibrate for Neurology and help drive the future of formative assessments. Participants will inform optimizations before this tool rolls out to a larger audience, all while promoting students’ self-directed learning and better understanding cohorts’ needs.


Calibrate Value​

Calibrate empowers students to study smarter, not just harder. It identifies subjects in need of targeted review, creates individualized study plans for students, and links directly to relevant cases.

For Educators​

Calibrate for Neurology provides a structured way to support accreditation standards. It identifies curricular gaps within and across cohorts—as well as individual students in need of remediation or coaching. It also provides data and insights for coaching sessions.

For Students​

Students face competing time demands. Calibrate for Neurology turbocharges their study time by highlighting areas in need of extra review—with a suggested study guide created just for them. This enables self-directed, test-enhanced learning with spaced repetition.


  • Programs must either be curricular partners or subscribed to Neurology
  • Programs must agree to respond to feedback surveys
  • It is recommended that students in participating programs:
    • complete an early Calibrate assessment within the first two weeks of the clerkship/course; and
    • complete a late Calibrate assessment (recommended in the last two weeks of the clerkship/course).

Administration Notes​

  • Each assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • Proctoring is not required. Faculty can schedule assessments directly for groups of students in the dashboard, making the assessment available for up to seven days; students complete the assessment on their own time.
  • Students and faculty will have immediate access to results reports after completing assessments.

Note: Application to the Calibrate Pilot program must be submitted by the Aquifer Program Services Administrator (PSA) at your institution. This is the single point of contact at your institution who manages your subscription. If you are unsure who this is, please reach out to [email protected].

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