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8 Cheap Ways to Heat One Room in Your Apartment


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Dec 13, 2023
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It’s the dead of winter, and instead of cozying up inside with a good book, you’re freezing your butt off in your own apartment! You could turn up the heat, but that’s mega-expensive. And besides, you really spend the majority of your time in just one room. Before you start burning furniture, check out these cheap ways to heat a room in your apartment without sending your bills through the roof.

1. Use the power of sunlight.​

The sun’s warmth feels like a distant memory in winter time, but it can still provide some helpful heat for your room. Maximize the sunlight shining through your windows by opening your blinds during the day, then closing them at night.

Tip: South-facing windows tend to get more sunlight!

2. Get rid of drafts.​

You could have the best heater in the world, but if your room has a draft, you’ll probably still end up shivering under the sheets! Drafts are leaks around doors and windows where cold air can blow in from outside. As a temporary solution, you can use blankets or rags to cover up the source of cold air. For a more long-term fix, consider caulking or re-sealing problem spots.

Tip: Unsure whether you have a draft or not? Hold a candle to your windows and doors. If the flame flickers, you’ve got yourself a draft.

3. Maximize your existing heat sources.​

If you already have a heat source and it doesn’t seem to be working, you can still take a few steps to squeeze the most out of its pitiful performance. Start by:

  • Removing any furniture between you and the heat source.
  • Putting a sheet of tin foil behind your radiator to reflect heat toward you.
  • Opening up your floor vents and dampers.

4. Hang blankets over your windows.​

Windows like to steal heat from your room. When the sun goes down and it starts to get colder, hanging thick blankets over your windows can help prevent heat loss through the glass and keep your room warmer, longer.

5. Get an area rug.​

A nice area rug will do three things: 1) Warm your toes when you get out of bed, 2) Give a layer of insulation for your cold room, and 3) Add a healthy serving of style!

6. Reverse the ceiling fan.​

During the summer, your ceiling fan spins counterclockwise to blow cool air down on you and pull warm air toward the ceiling. If you reverse your fan to blow clockwise, it will start pulling the warm air from your ceiling and push it down toward you. Most ceiling fans have a switch on the base that sets the spin direction.

7. Throw a party!​

People are natural heat sources. Have your friends over for a movie night or share a meal with someone you care about. You’ll be doing something nice, having a good time, and making your room warmer! Even pets can make a big difference in a small room, so be sure to send them an invite to the party as well.

8. Buy a space heater.​

By far the most obvious solution—though not the cheapest—would be to purchase an additional space heater. Check out the selection from your local hardware store to find the right heater size, power level, and price.

These cheap ways to heat a room should help you warm up your space during cold winter months, without putting a deep freeze on your funds.

If you’re ready to stop overpaying on your heating bills just to sit and freeze in your apartment, move out! With ApartmentSearch, it’s easier than ever to find your next great apartment in the city and neighborhood of your choice.

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