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IWantU: Get All The Details About This Interesting Social Media Platform Here!


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Dec 13, 2023
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In the ever-evolving digital era, we see many interesting apps that fascinate us with their features. One such interesting app is the IWantU app which is not only a dating app but also a great alternative to TikTok. This app has features of both dating apps and a video-sharing platform. This app is dual purpose as you can create any sort of video and upload on it and also use it as a dating app. This makes it different from a normal TikTok app.

Continue reading the article to get all the details about the IWantU app, its features, how to download it, its pros and cons and other related information.

What is IWantU APK?

IWantU mod APK is an amazing dating app where you can create a profile and find yourself a dating partner. If you are also single and searching for a match for yourself then this app is all that you need. The best thing about this app is that you can easily use it by downloading it on your mobile phone and finding your partner. This app enables you to create your portfolio and attract more people to your profile.

Furthermore, besides using it as a dating app, you can also upload your videos and photos as well. The app has no restriction so you can post any sort of video or photo. This is the reason many people prefer the IWantU app over TikTok. If you are a content creator then it is a great platform to upload your content and get famous soon.

Additionally, the creators have implemented extremely strict security measures, and end-to-end encryption guarantees your chats’ complete privacy. Because your chats are private and secure, you can trust this software without question. So set up a date as soon as possible and start chatting with attractive girls/boys. Once more, everything depends on how you choose to use the IWantu APK program. You can use it like IWantU TikTok if your main intention is to share videos and pictures. However, it’s more than just an app enabling single people to discover their ideal mates.

Features Offered by IWantU App

IWantU app online offers features of both a dating app and a content-sharing platform. Here are some of the key features offered by the IWantU app as mentioned below:

  • High Resolution Videos

The videos that you see on this app are high quality. It offers users extremely high quality without losing any pixels. Additionally, it allows users to share videos in HD quality and supports 4K films.

  • Unlimited Content

The IWantU online app has no restrictions or limitations on video-sharing. This means you can upload unlimited videos and photo content as you like on your profile.

  • Ads Free Content

We all get irritated by ad pop-ups whenever we watch videos. Also, some ads are too lengthy and boring which is not bearable while we are watching something interesting. But this app has no ads so you can watch videos without any interruption.

  • Local Matching

If you’re more interested in locating local partners then this app offers a local matching feature. You can use this feature to locate the ideal mate for dating from your local area.

Some additional features of the IWantU app as mentioned below:

  • You can stream and download videos for free on the IWantU app.
  • It enables users to follow each other after watching one’s other profiles and even start chatting.
  • The IWantU app doesn’t require any sign-up if you don’t want to as you can access it as a guest profile.
  • You can comment on your favorite videos and it also allows you to add videos to your favorite list.
  • You can watch videos on a full HD display with very little internet speed.
  • The IWantU app has a user-friendly interface with no errors or bugs.
  • There is fresh content every day and also online chat rooms to interact with other people.

How to Download and Install the IWantU App?

If you want to download the IWantU APK then you need to follow a few steps. Many people usually ask why the IWantU app not working but the downloading is very simple this time. If you have any IWantU old version then it might not work. Here is how you can easily download and install the IWantU app:

  • Firstly, look for the IWantU APK file link on the internet.
  • Once you get it, download it and then allow the unknown source option to install it
  • To allow the unknown source, you need to go to settings on your phone and open the apps section.
  • Click on the permission option and there you will see the “unknown source” option.
  • After allowing it, you can install the IWantU APK on your device.
  • Now as the app icon will be visible on your screen, you can open and explore all the functions of the app.

Pros of Using IWantU app

Here are some of the positive aspects of using the IWantU live app as mentioned below:

  • You can download the IWantU APK file for free without paying a single penny.
  • All the premium features offered by the IWantU app are completely free of cost.
  • There are no geographical restrictions so you can use this app from any country or location.
  • The app has the dual benefits of a dating app and a video-sharing platform.

Cons of Using IWantU app

Here are some of the negative aspects of using the IWantU app as mentioned below:

  • The IWantU app is not available on Google Play Store so you need to install it from an unknown source.
  • Most such APKs are not secure as they are built to steal user data.
  • You cannot download the IWantU APK on your iPhone.
  • The app is not completely safe so users can download them at their own risk.
  • APK apps are third-party apps so there is a risk of viruses or malware getting on your device.


  1. Is TikTok and IWantU the same app?

    Ans. TikTok and IWantU app share almost similar features so it is a great alternative to TikTok. Besides offering the features of TikTok, the IWantU app has some other interesting features of a dating app as well.

  2. Is IWantU APK safe?

    Ans. The IWantU app claims to be completely safe and secure. It offers full message protection with end-to-end chat encryption. In the same way, all of the pictures and videos you upload to this app are secure. However, downloading and installing the IWantU APK is not completely safe as it is a third-party app.

  3. Is it mandatory to create an account to use the IWantU app?

    Ans. No, there is no compulsion as the IWantU app enables users to use this app without creating an account. You just need to click on the guest user option and skip the signup process and you can access this app. However, if you want to upload your videos and photos on the IWantU app then it requires you to create an account.

  1. Conclusion

    Overall, the IWantU app is an amazing app with both features of video sharing platforms like TikTok and dating apps like Tinder. The app offers unlimited fun with its premium features at no cost. You just need to download and install the IWantU APK file on your Android device and you can use this app to find yourself a dating partner or upload your videos. We hope you found this article interesting and now you can decide if the IWantU app is worth using or not.

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