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Dec 13, 2023
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Ahmedabad, October 11, 2018: Vortex Energy has successfully installed its first diesel generator and solar photovoltaic (DG-PV) hybrid solution at Desma, GIDC, Kathwada, Ahmedabad.

The DG-PV hybrid installation comprises of a 99kW solar plant connected to an 200 kVA diesel generator using iDG SYNC 32 , boosts sun powered usage while guaranteeing complete power framework security and significant decrease in diesel utilization. This insightful arrangement effectively coordinates a PV framework with existing and new diesel generator sets. The plant is remotely observed and controlled, utilizing the exclusive iDG SYNC 32 sunlight based PV checking and control arrangement that guarantees most astounding plant uptime and exact announcing.

iDG SYNC 32 DG-PV smart synchronising controller can benefit to industries and commercial establishments like textiles, pharmaceuticals, automotive industries, malls, hospitals and resorts. This arrangement can likewise be utilized as a remote smaller than expected lattice to give a reliable and clean supply of intensity while bringing down working expenses. On a normal, power cost is decreased by half and diesel utilization is lessened by 30% to 40%. Vortex Energy offers the DG-PV mixture arrangement in sizes extending from 5 kilowatt to 5 megawatt.

Case -1​


Here, PV>Grid


  • GRID On
  • PV On
  • Dg Off
  • Normal Condition(On Grid).

In the case, the power by solar photovoltaic-PV system is greater than the power by GRID. Plant is supplied with uniform power supply it needs-110 KW. Here DG synchronize control panel controls the operation and manages the power supply to plant with the power generated by photovoltaic-PV system and with the power, the other alternative resources of energy like GRID and diesel generator offer.

As GRID is on and supplying 35 KW power to the plant as a substitute of the power supply by solar system that is 75 KW, the plant is gaining uniform power supply 110 KW consistently with these two systems. As there is sufficient power is available with these two systems, the control panel is taking no power from diesel generator.

Case – 2​



  • GRID Fails
  • PV On
  • Dg On
  • Minimum Re-server Power-40 KW

In this case, one of the available power sources, grid is failed. So, there is no input of power supply from grid. As defined, 70 KW power is available from solar photovoltaic-PV system.

In order to keep the uniformity of power supply to plant, control panel needs 40 KW power from diesel generator. So, DG synchronize control panel is gaining 40 KW power from diesel generator and fulfilling the need of power supply of plant that is 11o KW.

Case – 3​


When Load Decrease Suddenely


  • GRID off
  • PV On
  • Dg On
  • DG Minimum Re-server Power-40 KW

The system is designed to save energy with the optimum operational efficiency with remote handling access. In this case Grid is not available as the one of the sources for power supply. When the requirement of load by plant decreases, the control panel will immediately decrease the input power supply by solar photovoltaic-PV system counting the total need of power supply for plant.

As per the ideal energy saving equation, the photovoltaic power will be decreased to 13 KW from 70 KW to make it total 53 KW exactly to meet the new require of plant.

Case – 4​



  • GRID off
  • PV On
  • Dg On
  • DG Minimum Re-server Power-40 KW

The ideal control system will applied that energy saving equation here also in this case when load will further decrease to 40 KW. The smart system directly stop power supply from Solar system and the power supply available from diesel generator will pass on to the plant and fulfill the exact requirement of plant without interruption.

Here there is no power supply from Grid as well as no from Solar system and the system as a whole will work on the power supply of Diesel generator only.

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